Sewer Flood Control Systems in Naperville, Illinois


Does your home have problems with flooding? If you believe that you may need a sewer flood control system or other type of basement flood control system, contact us at 815-630-1024 to discuss your options. We are highly experienced in flood control, and we can talk you through the differences in flood control systems and advise you on which is the best choice for your situation.

What is a Sewer Flood Control System?

In most areas of the United States, during heavy rainfall, municipal sewers can become overwhelmed by the amount of water that is flowing into them. When this happens, the sewers begin to back up. If your home is unprotected, those unsanitary substances will back up right into your home. This usually occurs in the basement, and when it does, it’s a terrible experience for everyone involved.

A sewer flood control system is designed to protect your family and your property from that unsavory experience by redirecting that sewage backup. Using a design that has been customized for your home or business, you can effectively send the backed up sludge out and away from your property.

Essentially, the goal is to isolate your property from the overwhelmed municipal system until the rain has subsided and sewer pressures are back to normal.

Differences in Flood Control Systems

The term, “flood control system”, does not always refer to the control of backed up sewage. There are a variety of reasons why your basement may be flooding, which is why there are also a variety of solutions to the problem. Examples include:

  • Drainage Tile Systems
  • Sump Pumps
  • Overhead Sewer Flood Control System
  • Lift Station Pumping System
  • Check Valve

Based on the details of your situation, your plumber will recommend one of these systems, or perhaps a combination thereof, as a means of protecting your home from basement flooding. Whatever you do, don’t ignore the problem of flooding in your home. If it has happened once, it will happen again. Be prepared when it does.

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