Safe and Secure Gas Line Installation and Repairs in Naperville, Illinois

The majority of homes today use natural gas in one way or another, which obviously requires professional gas line installation. If you are searching for gas line installation or gas line repairs in Naperville or throughout the Chicago suburbs, Tritan Plumbing is the team to call. Contact us today at 815-630-1024 for a complimentary quote.

The Importance of Regular Gas Line Inspections

Natural gas fuels some of the most useful appliances in the home. Of course, that includes everything from your dryer to your water heater, and even the appliances that you use to cook your food. As you may have guessed, losing the use of this incredibly valuable utility is quite the inconvenience, but more importantly, it’s a safety hazard to you and your family.

A gas leak in your home, although rare, creates a very dangerous situation for you to be in. It can make the occupants of your home very ill, and even worse, it can lead to an explosion.

Fortunately, regular gas line inspections can help you stay ahead of this potential disaster. A licensed plumber can perform a thorough inspection of your natural gas plumbing, and they’ll be able to tell you if any of the pipes appear to be damaged or corroded. Because these are the kinds of issues that lead to gas line leaks, it may help you stop leaks before they happen.

Signs That You May Need Natural Gas Line Repairs

Fortunately, most gas line issues are obvious before they become a major emergency; they seldom sneak up on you, unless the problem is an immediate result of poorly planned digging near the gas lines around your home. Look for the following signs that you are in need of natural gas line repairs:

  • If grass and other plant life is dying in a specific area around your home, it may mean that the gas lines in that area have a slow leak.
  • If you notice a foul odor, which often smells like rotten eggs, anywhere on the interior or exterior of your home, the cause is very likely to be a gas leak.
  • Gas appliances that make unusual noises or act strange in any way could be due to a gas line issue. This isn’t a sure sign, because the issue could be with the appliance itself, but the only way to know is by calling us to inspect your appliances and gas lines for you.

Any of these signs are cause for concern and absolutely warrant a call to our expert plumbing team, even during nights, weekends, and holidays. Potential gas leaks are urgent, so don’t want for normal business hours!

For more information on gas plumbing leaks, be sure to visit our Leak Detection and Repair page.

Hiring a Specialty Natural Gas Plumber

When most property owners think of plumbers, they think only of water lines. The scope of our expertise, however, extends far beyond that. At Tritan Plumbing, we’re proud to offer the full spectrum of gas plumbing services, from installing gas lines in your home to installing and maintaining your gas appliances. We’ll even help you install outdoor gas lines for luxury purposes, such as an outdoor fireplace or gas grill.

At Tritan Plumbing, we consider ourselves to be experts in gas line installation and repairs. If the gas lines in your home require service, give us a call at 815-630-1024 today.