Skilled Plumbing Backflow Testing and Install in Naperville, Illinois


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If you need reduced pressure backflow testing and install at your home or business, Tritan Plumbing is the team to call. Learn more about this critical public protection here, and if your building requires backflow testing and install, contact us at 815-630-1024 to schedule your appointment today.

How Does a Reduced Pressure Backflow Preventer Work?

It’s a common occurrence for water pressure to drop in municipal lines. When this happens, water can flow back into those lines and contaminate the public water supply. RPZ (reduced pressure zone) devices work to prevent this backflow before it occurs. If you own or operate a commercial or multi-family residential property, you may have heard of the importance of backflow prevention. Because this is a matter of public health, most municipal water suppliers will mandate the use of these devices for all commercial properties.

In residential properties, reduced pressure backflow preventers are not usually mandatory, but some homeowners choose to implement this extra protection, particularly if they drink a good bit of tap water. In this case, the device is installed where the water main enters the home, and it creates what is effectively an isolated plumbing system for your home. It’s an ingenious way to prevent contaminants from entering your drinking water supply.

What Causes Water to Flow Backward?

As we mentioned, it’s common for water pressure to drop in public lines. Water flows toward the area of lowest pressure, so when the pressure inside of your building is greater than the public lines, backflow occurs. There is simply not enough pressure to push water into your building, so it flows in the opposite direction.

We are Fully-Licensed Cross-Connection Control Device Inspectors (CCCDI) and We Certify All RPZ Devices.

Our team carries the appropriate skillset to test, certify, and install reduced pressure zone (RPZ) devices of all sizes. We offer scheduled RPZ testing, as well as seasonal testing.

If you are interested in installing a backflow preventer at your home or business, or if it’s time for yours to be tested and recertified, contact us at 815-630-1024. We would be happy to discuss your needs and recommend the best device or testing schedule for your unique situation.