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Tritan Plumbing has been serving the Naperville and Chicagoland communities for over 35 years. We offer 24 hours a day plumbing service and can accommodate same-day service calls every day of the year. Call us at 815-630-1024 for a complimentary quote.

Basement Utility Room Plumbing

Can you imagine being without hot water? I’m sure you can; most people have experienced the true unpleasantness of water heater issues. If your water heater is leaking or not providing the hot water your family needs it may need to be replaced. If you’re having any of these water heater issues whether your pilot is out or you smell gas (if so call us ASAP); We have experience working with hot water heater systems. Give us a call!

We supply top of the line Rheem tankless and tanked water heater systems. For endless on-demand, energy efficient hot water, consider a state-of-the-art tankless hot water system from Tritan Plumbing. Serving Dupage, Will, Kane and Kendall counties, we can help you with friendly advice and satisfaction guaranteed service for all your tankless water heater needs. Discover the benefits of our tankless hot water advice and installations for your home or business.

A backed up floor drain can lead to all sorts of flooding problems. If your floor drain is backing up. We inspect, rod and check you ejector pump. Floor drains, when installed and placed correctly can be a powerful tool to protect your home from flooding. It’s important to keep floor drains clear to prevent back-up and water damage.

Is your battery backup not turning on, constantly running, or not maintained. If you’re interested in acquiring a battery backup, we have the know how to provide you with the brands we trust. A battery backup can be the difference between water damage and a dry safe home.

Sump Pump issues? We have the expertise needed to assess and solve your problem.
Tritan Plumbing understands the urgency needed in sump pump repairs. Our level-headed plumbers have replaced and inspected more sump pumps than we can count. We can protect your home against flooding and create a custom action plan that suits your needs.

If your ejector pump failed and now there’s water backing up the flood drains. If your ejector pump is not working correctly in the basement. The first step is to check the valve. From there, our team will need to replace, lid & reseal the ejector pump.

Is your water softener not up to snuff? Many have low water pressure which is never ideal. The problem behind low water pressure can definitely be water softener related. It’s possible a brazing tank failure is at the root cause. If you have unsoft water, you should check your salt levels. If low salt, or none at all, this causes the water softener to stop doing it’s job.

Recirculation Pump problems are often a tricky fix for the average home-owner. Issues with a recirculation pump often begin with low water pressure. Give Tritan Plumbing a call and we will arrange for a technician over to replace, and remove that recirculation pump.

Whether it’s a new installation or repairing or replacing your washer dryer, we’ve got you covered! Nobody wants to deal with a malfunctioning washer or dyer. If you can smell gas anywhere near either of these residential appliances do not hesitate to call Tritan Plumbing. Just purchased or acquired a new appliance? Our technicians are trained to connect and install appliances. Tritan Plumbing is more than happy to assist you with managing and inspecting gas lines, water lines, and valves. Washers and dryers can be host many problems. Shutoffs leaking, no water, and water not draining are just a few of many potential afflictions. Tritan can fix those leaking shut offs by installing a new shutoffs in no time at all.

You don’t need us telling you how important it is to have a functioning house water filter, particularly if your natural water source is potentially unsafe to drink. If your water filter is leaking or you are having any water pressure issues we can replace or remove your water filter.


Tritan Plumbing is certified in tub and shower installations, new fixture installations, faucet repairs, leaking showers, blocked drains, toilet repairs, bathroom remodels, new water and drain lines, clogged drains and more. Our team at Tritan Plumbing handles all of your plumbing needs on both a commercial and residential level.

If your bathroom sink or basket strainer is clogged or leaking we made need to rod, replace, or reseal basket strainers. If your bathroom sink is clogged or backing up, the solution is possibly to rod to clear up the blockage. Some sink maintenance issues can be identified by foul smells, water pooling, staining, slow drain speeds. If it appears that your sink is any of these things, you may need to give our plumbing experts at Tritan Plumbing a call.

Tritan Plumbing has master level experience in faucet repair. Our team of experts are trained to repair or replace broken cartridges, manage leaks and dripping, replace filters, and much, much more. Our expertise extends to any and all units in residential and commercial environments. If you need assistance, please don’t hesitate to call us.

Bathtub and shower leaks can be unsightly when left unattended. Leaks can appear and pool, soak or stain in or around your bathroom. These water damages have been known to destroy ceilings, floors, and various house infrastructures. If your bathtub is leaking it might be clogged, drum trap leaking, or tub spout leaking. The solution may be to rod, replace drum trap with waste flow PVC. If you suspect that your shower is in need of maintenance you may need a cartridge replacement, trim kit, or caulk re-touching. Let us know what you see and we can help you diagnose the issue.

Tritan Plumbing has the expertise needed to repair or replace your toilet. Is your toilet clogged, leaking, constantly running, broken, no water, or loose? We rod, rebuild, replace, fill valves, augers, wax rings, and bolts. Running toilets are not only noisey, they’re extremely wasteful. Constantly running toilet water can be detrimental to your water bill. No water in your toilet bowl? Stubborn clogs? Loose toilet? Tritan Plumbing can rod your toilet or find any solution necessary to get your toilet up and running once more.

Bidet broken? Our plumbers have handled any and all bidet-related issues. If your bidet has no water in it, there could be number of issues. Tritan Plumbing knows how to repair / replace bidet valves and hoses. If your bidet needs replaced we would be more than happy to assist you in installing a new bidet. Bidet loose? A stable bidet is just a phone call away.


Kitchen Plumbing Services

Tritan Plumbing will manage all of your kitchen plumbing needs. If your sink needs to be repaired, or your drain unblocked, we have got you covered. We also manage kitchen remodels; aspects such appliance hookups, new water and drain lines, or any other new installations to complete your new kitchen. Tritan Plumbing also installs or repairs garbage disposals as well as InSinkErator garbage disposal units.


We understand the importance of having a functioning kitchen! Is your kitchen sink leaking? Is it originating from the basket strainers or the P-trap? We may need to replace your sink entirely, or reseal those problematic basket strainers. We can also replace or rebuild the p-trap if that’s the issue with your kitchen sink. Garbage disposal not working? We are more than capable of replacing or repairing your garbage disposal. If your kitchen sink is clogged or backing up, the solution is possibly to rod to clear up the blockage. Call today for an inspection so that we can diagnose and solve your kitchen sink problem.


If you’re having issues with your faucet, Tritan Plumbing has the solution for you. If no water is coming out of your faucet, or if it’s leaking, broken, and generally not functioning correctly. We either need to replace or rebuild your faucet. Upon inspection, it’s possible that the cartridges need to be replaced.


We install top of the line insinkerator garbage disposals! If your garbage disposal is leaking, broken, or humming. The garbage disposal might need to be removed and replaced. Is your garbage disposal jammed? We can surely unjam it. If you have no power this may be a circuit breaker issue.


Does your fridge have no ice? Is it leaking? We can check your water supply and fix your problem. If there is no shut off to stop the leak, we need to replace or install a new shut off valve. The issue could also be with Saddle valves. Saddle valves are prone to leakage, and they’re not allowed by the Illinois State Plumbing Code. We can easily replace the saddle valve with a code approved valve.


We can diagnose problematic appliances. There could be a multitude of issues with your dishwasher. We handle leaking dishwashers or dishwashers that simply won’t drain. It’s possible that there is no power leading to the dishwasher or that the circuit breaker needs to be checked. We may need to lay a new line. Inspect the drain line. The answer is possibly be to replace and remove your dishwasher and replace it with a unit that suits your needs and price point. Call today to evaluate your options.


Is your gas stove not igniting? Give us a call, we’ll have your stove working in a jiffy. Here at Tritan Plumbing, we understand that smelling gas in your home can be alarming. It can be even more alarming if your shut off is not working. We can find the leak and install a new shut off. If there is no gas running to your property, we are heavily experienced in installing gas lines and working with these materials. We understand the sensitivity of gas lines being installed or repaired correctly.



Did you know that you can install a Gas line leading directly to your grill for natural gas? Tritan Plumbing can install a gas line so that you no longer need propane tanks cluttering up the family barbecues.


Do you have a leaky spigot leaking inside or outside? Besides damaging your water bill, these leaks can be devastating to your water system. Freezing pipes crack and break which means those pipes need to be replaced. We can install frost free spigots to avoid future headaches.


There can be a lot of issues with your main sewer line. It can be backing up, cracked, or infested with tree roots. To get a better view of what’s going on, our technicians can do a state of the art in-pipe camera inspection. From there, We may need to install a new line. Or, we can rod out the blockages. Tritan plumbing also has a state of the art high pressure water jetter that cleans out grease, sludge, tree roots or any other blockages in your pipes. While rodding only pokes a hole in the clog, water jetting cleans out the entire surface of the pipe. Whether it be a sewer drain line repair or replacing a broken sewer line. Tritan Plumbing has the experience needed to dig up your sewer line and replace it.


Lawn irrigation systems have many small delicate parts. If water freezes inside your sprinkler system, your system might need to be replaced. In order to winterize your sprinkler system, our plumbing team will need to blow out the water. Tritan plumbing will certify your lawn irrigation system. Don’t hesitate to reach out if your irrigation system needs service.


Whole house generators can keep your family warm in the winter. They can be the difference between a flooded basement and a dry one. Keep your lights on during the storm and your sump pump running. Be prepared for outages. Let our trained plumbing experts evaluate your needs.