Commercial Water Heater Installation and Repair in Naperville, Illinois

Your commercial water heater keeps your business going in a number of ways, so proper maintenance and care should be a top priority for you. Obviously, that begins with expert water heater installation, and it continues over the life of the appliance. To learn more about our commercial water heater services throughout the Chicago suburbs, give us a call at 815-630-1024.

Commercial Water Heaters

Commercial water heaters operate in much the same way as their residential counterparts. The difference is that they need to be able to produce a significantly larger volume of hot water, often in a shorter time span. This is obviously due to the fact that in commercial structures, there are usually more people using hot water at once.

Like residential water heaters, commercial water heaters are available in several varieties. First, they are categorized by how they are powered. They can either be fueled by natural gas, electricity, or solar energy. From there, they are divided into two subtypes: tankless water heaters and traditional storage tank water heaters. Below, we’ve given you an overview of each.

Tankless Commercial Water Heaters

Tankless water heaters, both residential and commercial, are considered to be an eco-friendlier alternative to traditional storage tank water heaters. This is because there is much less energy wasted on standby reserves, and the larger the unit, the greater your savings will be.

A tankless commercial water heater simply heats the water on demand and sends it where you need it. In addition to the financial and energy savings, owners of this type of unit appreciate their compact size. They take up considerably less space in your commercial building and can be fueled by your preferred energy source.

If you’re interested in learning more about the pros and cons of tankless commercial water heaters, or if you would like to know if this would be a good fit for your business, give us a call at 815-630-1024.

Traditional Commercial Water Heaters

Traditional storage tank water heaters are the type that most business owners are most familiar with. These large units store a set amount of water at all times, keeping it heated for use as needed. This standby heating comes at a premium, though, costing you money every minute of its entire useful life.

If you have a very high demand for hot water, and several people or appliances will be requiring hot water at once, this may be the right choice for you. Of course, we can’t say for sure without a consultation, so get in touch with us today to discuss your needs.

No matter what type of commercial water heater you are hoping to have installed or repaired, our professionals have the skills and experience to handle the job with ease. Give us a call at 815-630-1024 to get started today.