licensed plumber

We understand that home repairs can quickly become costly. To cut back on costs, it may be tempting to hire that handyman you know or possibly a family friend at a lower price. Unlicensed workers can offer lower prices because they don’t have the proper insurances and because of this, cannot file the necessary paperwork. Qualified plumbers are certified, insured and bonded. Thus, just in case something goes wrong, licensed plumbers can be held accountable. If you’re dealing with an unlicensed plumber, on the other hand, the burden of the problem is solely left on you.

Improperly installed plumbing can cause serious property damage as well as pose a health risk to your family, which is why it’s better not to take such a risk. Choose a skilled, qualified professional to work on your plumbing project. Otherwise, things may end up costing much more than initially anticipated. It’s better to hire a trained professional to do the job right once. Here at Tritan Plumbing, we’re proudly certified. We possess the qualifications needed to ensure the quality work your home deserves.