fireworksWith the new year approaching, it’s time to make our resolutions. Lets all kick off 2106 making note to take care of our family and friends. As well as being on top of maintaining our homes. Taking care of your plumbing can keep your home safe and comfortable. Here are some plumbing tips to bring in the new year:

  • Have your water heater checked. Water heaters require regular maintenance. Contact a plumber to check out your heater. It may need to be flushed it. Take these precautions to make sure you don’t get caught without hot water. You should consider scheduling a tune-up sometime this year to bring your water heater up to its peak operating efficiency.
  • Don’t use your toilet as a garbage can! Toilets should only be used for human waste and toilet paper. Everything else (such as personal hygiene products, cotton balls, floss, and paper towels) belongs in the trash. If you chose to follow these rules, you can reduce your chance of clogged toilets in 2016.
  • Keep your pipes warm in the winter. Make sure your pipes are properly insulated to avoid bursts. Burst pipes can be a huge hassle and a very expensive fix.
  • Watch what you put down your drains. Avoid clogs by being careful about you put down your pipe. Clear your plate into the garbage before rinsing them in the kitchen sink. Use drain traps to catch hair, food, and other gunk in your tubs, showers, and sinks. Also, never pour oils and grease down your drains, this causes clogs.
  • When buying new appliances look for the Energy Star. It’ll save you money on our monthly bills and be an eco-friendly choice.
  • Pay attention to possible problems. Strange noises, foul smells, slow drains, water that isn’t as hot as it should be, these are all signs of a plumbing problems. In 2016, make your resolution to contact Tritan Plumbing when you notice a problem instead of waiting until it’s too late.