For most people, the idea of switching to cold showers is enough to put ice in your veins on the warmest day of the year!  Sure, a hot shower is a daily luxury that most look forward to at the end of a long day, and it’s often a luxury that we take for granted.  But, what if we told you that there are actually more benefits, both health-wise and energy-saving, that come with occasionally switching to cold showers?  Would you give it a try?

At Tritan Plumbing, we know how important hot water is to your family! So, while the “experts” agree that cold showers can be beneficial every now and then, nobody should be forced to take one! If your water heater needs to be repaired or replaced, don’t wait. Contact us today at (815) 630-1024 for a complimentary quote.

Surprising Perks of Cold Showers

  • Stress Reduction – Instead of holding onto all of that stress, put it on ice.  That’s right, cold showers are proven to have positive effects on your health and well-being by acting as a stress repellent.  When you take cold showers, you train your nervous system to become resistant to high stress. Eventually, when you step into a cold shower carrying all of that emotional stress from the day, your body’s attention will learn to shift away from your temperament to the temperature.  And, almost immediately, you’ll feel that stress lift away as your attention becomes hyper-focused (out of necessity) on your breathing. You will simply become present in that exact moment. Then, you’re ready to face the rest of your day in a Zen-like state, and just chill.
  • Increase Willpower – If you ever want to build upon your mental strength and discipline, taking a cold shower may be the key.  That’s because it takes a great deal of willpower to make yourself take a cold shower. To most people, taking a cold shower is just torturous; they simply don’t want to do it.  And, that is exactly why you should push yourself to do it. Prove that you can, and build perseverance through the things that seem too difficult. You’ll almost always find that when you take the plunge you’re better off for doing so.  
  • Stay Healthy – Not only are cold showers good for combating stress and building discipline, they also help boost your immune system.  Cold showers help you increase the amount of white blood cells in your body that are used to fight off illness. Thus, you remain healthy and happy!  
  • Look Younger – That’s right!  One of the miraculous benefits to taking cold showers is that they help you stay youthful.  The cold water helps improve both your skin and hair. It prevents your skin from losing too many natural oils that give you that natural glow.  Hot water tends to strip your skin of its natural oils. Cold water also keeps your hair strong, healthy and shiny.
  • Water & Power Saver – Switching to cold showers won’t just have an impact on your overall health and well-being, it will also help reduce your water and energy bill.  You’ll be using less water and less heat, so your bills will decrease while you see your self-empowerment increase. It’s a win-win all around!

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