Dealing with a drain clog is no fun at all, but it’s something that every home and business owner has to face at some point. It’s bound to happen eventually, no matter how careful you are. When your drains become slow, it’s usually because hair and other debris has gotten caught where it doesn’t belong. In some cases, a plunger will get you out of this bind, but in many other situations, calling for professional help is warranted.

When it comes to professional clog removal, the two main options that you are usually going to be offered are cable machines (usually referred to as “snakes” or “augers”) and hydrojetters. The latter choice is preferred by our team in certain situations, simply because it tends to be so much more effective and offers a longer-term solution.  Here’s what you should know about hot water hydrojetting:

  • This is a high-pressure water device that uses hoses and special nozzles connected to a pressurized machine.
  • The powerful jets of water push clogs out and away from your home.
  • Hydrojetting can resolve clogs related to the build-up of hair, heavy minerals, grease, food debris, and more.
  • Hot water jetting can even break up tree root intrusions.

Hydro jetting is an excellent choice for property owners, because unlike classic snake machines, it completely clears your drain lines of any and all debris. Both methods are effective in their own way, but if you’re looking for a more powerful, lasting solution, hot water hydrojetting is the way to go. 

If you are faced with chronic or recurring drain clog issues, know that you don’t have to continue living with that extremely frustrating problem. Faster drains are just a phone call away, and here at Tritan Plumbing, we pride ourselves on delivering personal, caring service at lightning speed. We offer same-day and next-day plumbing service throughout Chicagoland, and we are also available after hours for your plumbing emergencies.

Whatever your plumbing needs may be, Tritan Plumbing is the local plumbing team to call.  If you have any questions or need specific plumbing advice, contact us right away. We can help!