Water conservation is a hot topic, and for good reason. It’s no longer just a matter of “going green” or jumping on board with the latest trends in plumbing fixtures. This is a social and ecological responsibility we all share.  So, here are five ways you can be more mindful of your personal water waste and use:

  • Check for leaks – The biggest waste of water comes from those pesky unnoticed leaks in your pipes.  In fact, household leaks alone account for almost one trillion gallons of water waste in a single year.  So, get in the habit of doing routine checks in and around your home for hidden or suspected leaks, especially if you’re noticing a hike in your water bill.  Watch out for dripping faucets, worn, running toilets, loose, leaky valves, etc. By making these simple corrections alone you can save nearly 10 percent on your monthly bill.  And, be sure to take proactive measures to correct any leaks by giving your trusted plumber a call.
  • Use the dishwasher – The best way to conserve water when it comes to washing dishes is to simply use the dishwasher (especially if it’s Energy Star rated).  The average household does more than 200 loads of dishes each year, so you can imagine how quickly water use can add up! If you were to wash all of those dishes by hand, you can wind up using around 27 gallons of water per load.  An Energy Star rated appliance, however, only uses about 5 gallons per load!
  • Opt for water-saving attachments –  We’re all guilty of becoming a water hog from time-to-time in the shower.  But, longer showers waste gallons and gallons of water. So, to help lessen this waste, in addition to taking shorter showers, make the switch to water-saving shower heads.
  • Schedule a water heater checkup – Yes, we love those long, hot showers, but many of us are also guilty of letting the water run while waiting for it to heat up.  This of course is a huge waste of water. So, if you find you’re waiting longer and longer for the hot water, that’s a sign that it’s time to service your water heater.  Regular maintenance is key to keeping it in good working order, so schedule a service appointment with your plumber to get yours back in top shape.
  • Opt for the paid car wash – This one may be a surprise to many, but the truth is that professional car washes are much more regulated, as many are required to recirculate water usage to adhere to strict water conservation efforts.  So, opt to take your car to a car wash rather than do it yourself at home. You see, when washing at home with a standard garden hose, you use about 10 gallons of water per minute, which can add up to using around 100 gallons of water in just 10 minutes!  A professional power washer, on the other hand, uses half that amount per minute, making it the more environmentally conscious option.

Do your part this year to help conserve water by making these simple changes to your daily routine.  And, if you have any reason to suspect that something more is going on within your plumbing system that may be contributing to excessive water use, give our team a call to schedule your next maintenance appointment.