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10 Common Plumbing Problems and Fixes

10 Common Plumbing Problems and Fixes

No one is unfamiliar with experiencing issues like leaky faucets and clogged drains every once in a while. Some of the most common plumbing issues are quick and easy fixes, while others call for a certain level of expertise that requires a professional plumber to fix.

While repairing a plumbing problem yourself sounds good, it can sometimes end up costing you hundreds of dollars or more in repairs.

Here are some of the most common household plumbing issues and how to fix them yourself or when you should call a plumber.

1. Slow-draining Sink

Normally when a sink drains, the water quickly escapes through the drain, never to be seen again. However, if there is a blockage, you will notice that water drains much slower than it should because of a clogged drain or pipe.

Depending on how bad the clog is, you can easily unclog the sink yourself and release the blockage in the pipe. Reach for your handy-dandy plunger or snake to get the job done.

2. Leaking Pipes

Usually leaking pipes make up the majority of plumbing issues, especially if your home is older. Pipes don’t last as long under certain conditions like extreme temperature changes that cause them to expand and contract, causing the copper pipes to break.

For a long-lasting alternative, consider upgrading your piping to PEX pipes that are used in new construction. PEX pipes can last a long time and flex to withstand extreme temperatures.

3. Clogged Shower Drains

One of the most common causes of clogged shower and bathtub drains is hair. Hair can form clumps that clog your drains and make it almost impossible for the water to get through as it should.

As a solution, clean your drain every few months or whenever you notice the water draining slowly. You can use a plunger, snake, or even contact a plumber for help if you can’t unclog your shower.

4. Low Water Pressure

Buildup from calcium and other minerals can clog your pipes while traveling through them when you run water. Over time, this sediment can cause plumbing problems that lead to low water pressure.

If you notice your water pressure is low, clean your shower head with vinegar to remove the buildup. This method can be used to remove buildup from other fixtures in your home as well.

5. Jammed Garbage Disposal

A very common plumbing problem in most homes is a jammed garbage disposal. Garbage disposals come with a key you can use to unjam it, however, some people lose the key and are left in a pickle.

You can easily unjam your garbage disposal using an Allen wrench to turn and free the motor.

6. Worn Out Hose Bibb

Hose bibbs don’t always last through multiple seasons and crack from changes in temperature, especially in cold weather. This can cause your hose to leak. Replace your bibbs regularly to avoid wear and tear.

7. Sump Pumps

Your sump pump can fail under heavy rain, especially if it wasn’t installed incorrectly. You can check to see how it was installed with help from a professional and have it maintained routinely to avoid sump pump failure in the future.

8. Sewer Problems

Your sewer system can get backed up and cause pretty nasty plumbing problems. When a sewer line gets clogged, your drains can become clogged as well. A licensed plumber can repair your sewer line and help prevent problems in the future.

9. Water Line Break

Weather conditions, like frost, can cause your pipes to crack. Even a small crack in your pipe can lead to a water line break. If you believe your pipes are cracked, contact a plumber to inspect your pipes and home for water damage and repair the damage for you.

10. Toilet Issues

If you notice your water bill is a little higher, but don’t see a leak in your faucets, you could have an internal leak in your toilet. If your toilet sounds like it’s constantly running, something could be wrong with its rubber flapper. To fix this issue, you can replace the flapper and help your toilet stop running.

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