What to Ask Your Plumbing Prior to a Home Remodel

Home renovations can be exciting projects to undertake.  With a bit of hard work, you can turn a boring space into your dream come true.  Renovations can also be daunting, especially when it comes to things like plumbing.

Plumbing, of course, is a key element that must be taken into consideration before any renovations get underway.  One wrong swing of the hammer and you could end up with a real mess on your hands! So, if you’re planning for renovations and assembling your team of trusted professionals to consult with, be sure to include your plumber.  They will ensure that everything stays in top working order and is appropriately and safely relocated, rerouted, or installed according to standards. It’s all about open communication with your team of professionals.

So, to get the ball rolling, we’ve assembled a few vital questions to ask your trusty plumbers to help ease the process and avoid any unexpected surprises down the road.  Here’s what you can add to your list of prep questions:

  • Is there a way to improve the water pressure in my home during a renovation?  Yes.You can have booster pumps that pressurize your hot and cold water outlets installed all throughout your home.  If you do this, you may also have to upgrade or change your cold and hot water storage tanks to work with the booster pumps.  This is key to ensuring you get your desired water pressure.
  • Would a heat pump be suitable for a retrofit?  The only way to know this is to first have your house assessed by a professional before you even start mapping design plans.  Heat pumps are only ideal for homes that have modernized air changes and insulation levels that meet current building standards.  Whatever situation your home lays out, consult with your plumber. They will know which system will best suit your renovation plans and needs.    
  • If I use a heat pump, do I also have to use under-floor heating?  Heat pumps work with both under-floor heating and radiators.  If you use radiators, they will need to be sized appropriately since heat pumps work at a lower temperature than gas or oil boilers.  If you prefer under-floor heating, know that if you have an older home, this may not be possible, so be sure to talk to your plumber about your best options.    
  • Do I have to install a new heating system to have smart controls?  Welcome to the modern, digital age!  There are many upgrades and options available that give you “smart” access to your system so that you can remotely control it from a phone or tablet, anytime, anywhere.  In fact, there are upgrades that can allow you to do this with your current heating system. But, before you invest in the tech, make sure your home is properly zoned. This is the easiest way to save money on your heating costs and everything associated with it.  Your plumber can help you find the best options for your area and system.
  • Will installing solar panels to heat my water really make a difference?  If you’re looking to go green with your home renovations, solar panels do provide cost savings on your heating bills.  They contribute by more than half to your hot water requirements each year. So, if you’re considering this installation, you’ll need to make sure the orientation of your roof is suitable.  Your plumber can help you determine this.

Home renovations and upgrades are about improving your comfort and the overall functionality of a space.  So, go in prepared with all of the information you need for a successful renovation, and make consulting with your trusty plumber a top priority.


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