Save Money With Regular Plumbing Maintenance

Our plumbing systems rarely cross our minds as we go about our daily activities, at least not until something goes wrong.  And, we understand that it’s easy to forget. But, regular plumbing maintenance should always be on your mind, as it’s an essential element to your home’s overall function and up-keep.  Plus, it saves you money!

When you don’t maintain your plumbing, things can start to break down and go haywire.  From dripping taps to running toilets, burst pipes, and broken appliances, these are all things that can lead to costly repairs and damage to your home.  But, don’t stress just yet! With a bit of upkeep, you can save money by staying on top of your home’s plumbing system to ensure that it stays in top working order.  After all, prevention is always better than a cure. So, let’s take a look at some plumbing maintenance tips that will help keep money in your pocket and your life hassle-free:   

  • Locate the shutoff valve – Whether you’re faced with a leaky tap or a burst pipe, the first thing you need to do is cut off your home’s water main.  But, you can’t do this if you don’t know where the shutoff valve is. So, find it now, before you’re faced with a real plumbing emergency.  
  • Do an all-over home check for leaks – It’s so important to get into the habit of periodically checking your property for leaks.  From appliances to pipes under the sinks, to the water hose in your yard, even the smallest leaks can wind up causing a great deal of costly damage.  
  • Don’t treat your toilet like a trash can – Toilets are designed to handle certain kinds of waste, but anything else flushed down them is just asking for trouble.  For instance, you should never flush things like diapers, sanitary products, cotton swabs, wet wipes or any other kind of household waste down your toilet, as these will cause expensive, tough-to-clear blockages.    
  • Clean your shower heads and drains – It’s important to clean your shower regularly.  Your drains can easily become blocked with soap scum and hairballs that are left to flow into your pipes without the use of a shower drain strainer.  In fact, it’s best to use strainers with all household drains to avoid unwanted debris from wreaking havoc on your pipes. It’s also important to take your shower head apart from time to time to clean it.  These, like your drains and pipes, accumulate mineral deposits as well as mold.
  • Flush your sinks – Over time, your sinks can clog from build-up and debris, especially if you’re forcing things down them that don’t belong.  So, be sure to flush your sinks from time to time with boiling water. This will help break up any build up and prevent clogs.
  • Check your water heater – Water heaters are often taken for granted and left unchecked.  We don’t really see them in “action,” as they control other systems in our home, so they’re easy to dismiss as “essential” maintenance.  But, we sure do know when they’re not working! So, mark it on your calendar to have yours serviced once a year. This will ensure your water heater stays in good working order, saving you a lot of money on repairs and replacement.  
  • Check outside – Remember, your plumbing doesn’t end inside of your home.   Your gutters and plumbing vents are also a part of your system, and they can easily become clogged with debris, which can lead to a number of plumbing issues.  So, be sure to do regular inspections, and clean out these areas to avoid damage to your home.

Above all else, the plumbing maintenance tip that will save you grief and money down the road is to simply ask for help.  Regular plumbing maintenance on your end will certainly help keep your system in check, but remember, you can’t do it all.  Don’t be afraid to reach out to your trusted professionals if you have any questions at all concerning your plumbing or find yourself faced with a potential, or emergency, problem.


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