Things You Should Never Put in Your Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposals offer us an efficient and generally mess-free way to get rid of our food waste. Although they seem to work like magic, your garbage disposal can’t handle everything. Luckily, keeping your garbage disposal in tip top shape is easy as long as you know what you can and can’t put down there. Here is a list of things never to put down your garbage disposal in order to keep it running smoothly and avoid clogs: 

Coffee Grounds

  • If you’re thinking of putting coffee grounds down your disposal because you heard it will eliminate odors, don’t. While it’s true that coffee grounds may help your garbage disposal maintain a fresh smell, they will also settle at the bottom of your pipes which could lead to a clog. If you’re looking for a way to keep your garbage disposal clean, skip the coffee grounds and let your disposal run with some dish soap and water for a few minutes instead. 


  • Your garbage disposal can’t grind up round and hard objects like pits too efficiently. They will most likely lead to a clogged drain, so save yourself the trouble and opt for the trash instead. 

Egg Shells

  • Although many believe egg shells are harmless and can even sharpen the blades of your garbage disposal, they can cause actually cause significant problems. The membrane inside the egg shell can wrap around the blade which could lead to damage. Be mindful of your garbage disposal and throw your egg shells in the trash or compost instead.

Potato Peels

  • Potato peels seem innocuous enough, but this is one item you want to avoid in big and small quantities. Potato peels are so thin they can slip right past the garbage disposal and get caught in the drain. When large amounts of potato skins are put in the garbage disposal a starchy mixture can form, coating the blades and causing them to stick.  


  • Although grease and oil seem fine going down hot, as it cools it will solidify and can get stuck in the pipes. Pour your grease into a non-recyclable container and toss it into the trash instead. 

Pasta and Rice

  • Pasta and rice both expand when cooked in water and they will act the same way going down your pipes. Avoid clogs and throw these both in the trash instead.  

With the proper information and a mindful attitude in the kitchen you should be able to keep your garbage disposal running without difficulty. If you run into any problems don’t hesitate to reach out to your trusted plumber for help. 


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