What Do Gas Leaks Have to Do With Plumbing

When you think of the plumbing systems within your home, you likely think of drains, faucets, toilets, and other appliances and amenities that run on water. But, your home’s gas system also falls under this plumbing umbrella, as it too is run through an intricate series of pipes. This means that should any complication arise within the gas lines in your home a plumber is who you’re going to need to call to take care of the maintenance. In fact, we can’t stress that point enough – if any work at all needs to be done surrounding natural gas and your gas system, you absolutely must call a plumber!

Any kind of work around a natural gas system is dangerous and should never be treated or attempted as a DIY project. Fortunately, that’s what the professionals are for. A qualified plumber is able to detect issues with your gas supply. They’re also able to install new lines, move existing lines, and ensure that all work is done according to the highest safety and quality standards.

Gas plumbers are also necessary for the installation and repair of such household appliances as water heaters, HVAC systems, fireplaces, stoves, outdoor grills, as well as whole-home generators, and more. In fact, when it comes to gas fireplace installation in particular, you can’t get the job done without a qualified plumber, as they must acquire the necessary building permits in order to determine whether or not your chimney meets safety standards (e.g. does it require a liner or not?).

As a homeowner, you also have the added benefit, peace of mind, and protection that comes with using a licensed plumber as recourse in the event that something goes wrong. For instance, if a worst-case scenario, like a fire or severe illness, were to occur due to faulty or poorly-installed gas lines by an unlicensed or uninsured plumber, you would be facing not only a crisis of conscience but an insurance nightmare and potentially worse. Trust us – it’s just not worth it!

Gas Line Inspections

While gas companies are responsible for gas line maintenance up to the meter, you, the homeowner, are responsible for everything else. Because of this, we must stress the importance of regular gas line and appliance inspections. And, the good news here is that yearly inspections are relatively inexpensive.

During an inspection, a plumber will come to your home to check for leaks, whether the issue has already been reported as catastrophic or is just starting out. Small leaks can often go undetected by the homeowner for some time, but they still pose serious health and safety risks. Leaking gas also affects the performance of your home’s appliances, including water heaters, fireplaces, stoves, and will most significantly be reflected in your utility bill.

Gas lines also face other maintenance issues that can lead to serious problems within the system. One of these issues is corrosion. Just like other systems within your home, gas lines wear down over time (especially those that lead to water heaters and ovens) and become corroded. The problem is that this corrosion will continue until the pipe finally gives and leaks. So, if your pipes start looking worse for the wear, it’s time to call in your trusty plumber and consider replacing them before you’re faced with a potential disaster.

It’s easy to overlook the need for upkeep of your homes’ natural gas systems, as it’s something not often associated with plumbing. But, it’s something that you simply can’t afford to remain ignorant about any longer. This vast network of pipes is what brings modern comfort to you and your loved ones every day. So, don’t take it for granted. Keep your loved ones safe by scheduling proper maintenance with your trusty plumber, and never, ever hesitate to report a possible gas leak! If you have any questions or concerns, call our team immediately!


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