5 Things Plumbers Wish You Knew


From cleaning dishes to watering your lawn, we use modern plumbing systems every single day without so much as a second thought – that is, until something suddenly and unexpectedly breaks!  When pipes burst or drains clog, those expected conveniences we so often take for granted disappear, and we’re left in a panic.

It’s during these times of stress when we’re reminded of the importance of plumbing and, most importantly, what it means to have a trusty plumber to be able to call upon.  Unfortunately, until we find ourselves in need of a knowledgeable, experienced plumber, we rarely take the time to consider who we’re going to call or even what exactly it takes for a plumber to safely and efficiently get the job done.  

That’s what we’re here to examine in this post – those things that your plumber wishes you knew about their job.  Trust us, you’ll have a whole new appreciation for all that your plumber does to keep your home running smoothly and you living stress-free after this read.  So, here are just a few things your plumber wants you to know that will, hopefully, make you more conscious of your own habits and plumbing practices:

  • Plumbers risk their safety for you – That’s right!  You may not think of plumbing as a dangerous profession, but the fact is they’re working with high water and air-pressure systems that can be risky.  Think about it, when pipes burst, your plumber is the one who stands in the way trying to repair them, but that’s 40 to 100 pounds of pressure coming at them!  That’s like having the full force of a fire hydrant coming straight at you, and that’s what plumbers deal with every day. Then, there’s also dangerous chemicals, heavy equipment, exposure to diseases and germs, and so much more that comes with this line of work.  
  • Experience is everything – When it comes to choosing the right plumber, experience is everything.  But, what if it’s an emergency, and you have to choose someone quick? Well, you certainly don’t want to trust just anyone to come in and work on your home.  So, look for someone who’s been in the game for a while, as time really does equal expertise.
  • Kitchen waste is the worst – While you may think the worst thing plumbers have to deal with is human waste, you’d be wrong!  Most plumbers will tell you that dealing with gross kitchen waste is far worse, as grease is one of the most disgusting substances to have to work with.  Sure, bathroom-related debris is certainly at the top, but it’s the decaying animal fat that’s too-often poured down drains that is the real stomach turner.  That’s why plumbers recommend regular maintenance and drain cleaning to help keep the gross build-up to a minimum both for your sake and theirs.
  • Watching a video doesn’t make you an expert – For the many out there who will try to DIY all of their plumbing problems away, know that just because you watched a video tutorial doesn’t mean that you’re qualified for the job.  Sure, you can proactively work on small jobs around the house. But, there are many plumbing jobs that you should never attempt yourself, as you could just end up making things worse or even doing harm to yourself.    
  • Plumbers save you money – Neglect often leads to problems, so stop putting repairs off.  Plumbers can actually save you money by getting the job done now instead of waiting for things to get worse.  Regular maintenance is everything!

Now that you have a better understanding of what your plumber does for you, maybe you won’t take your trusty plumber or your home’s plumbing system for granted in the same way that you may have before.  After all, knowledge is power, and we hope you use that power to better prepare your home for the unexpected.


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