Top Causes of Household Water Damage

Water damage can happen any time water is left to collect someplace in your home that it shouldn’t.  And, no matter what the underlying reason may be, you have to act fast! Fortunately, our team here at Tritan Plumbing can help restore these situations and make sure that they don’t happen again under your roof.    

We all hope that it never happens in our homes, but inevitably, you may experience some form of water damage in your home at some point.  That’s why it’s best to be prepared and know the likely source of any potential damage so that you can rectify the situation before things get out of hand.  Let’s take a look at some of the top causes of water damage in American homes:

  • Plumbing Issues – It’s always good practice to get in the habit of doing periodic checks of the pipes under your sinks.  This simple act alone may help you prevent future water damage, as many issues happen when the hoses and pipe joints in these areas are not fully attached.
  • Leaking Pipes – Pipes can burst or start leaking due to any number of reasons.  So, when it comes to taking preventive measures with your home, keep this in mind.  Leaking pipes and water damage, for example, can be a result of a backed-up toilet, a damaged garbage disposal, or old, rusty pipes.  All of these seemingly small issues can lead to serious pipes leaks. It’s best to check these areas for damage frequently to stay on top of things.  
  • Basement or Attic Concerns – Dark spaces tend to collect more moisture that makes for the perfect environment for mold to grow freely.  This means that any moisture that’s able to make its way through the concrete foundation of your home can lead to leaks in your basement.  Similarly, if you have an air leak between your attic and your home, you may be accumulating moisture on the underside of the roof, and you won’t even know it until it’s too late (if left unchecked).  
  • HVACS – Though many households don’t make this a regular inspection, air conditioners need frequent servicing.  When they’re not taken care of properly, they can collect quite a bit of moisture that can eventually leak into your home.
  • Broken Appliances – As your appliances age, normal wear and tear can be expected.  But, there may come a point when this damage can escalate past the point of repair. For instance, over time pipes rust, hoses weaken, and these issues can lead to an eventual breakdown that can cause serious water damage to your home.  So, check up on older appliances every once in a while, especially washing machines and hot water tanks.

Keeping your home safe and damage free is all about taking preventive measures and making regular checks a part of your routine.  Of course, sometimes the unexpected just happens. Not every leak or situation can be prevented. But, that’s why it’s important to take all of the necessary steps possible to protect your home, and ensure that the least amount of damage is done in the event of a leak or water exposure.


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