Gadgets That Will Help You Keep Your Shower Drain Unclogged

Knowing how to clear your clogged shower drain is a very useful skill that can save you both money and hassle down the road.  But, what if you could prevent clogs from happening in the first place? Guess what – you can! If you have a slow drain, here are some handy gadgets that you should consider to keep the water flowing:

  • Drain Screen – Those with longer hair are more likely to experience and develop clogged drains than those with shorter locks.  But, instead of cursing your luscious gift, just install a simple screen over your shower drain to prevent hair from going down.  For just a few bucks, you can prevent a potential plumbing nightmare. All you have to remember to do is empty the contents of the drain screen into your trash after you shower.  It’s that simple and well worth the ability to keep your shower drain in top working order.
  • Outdoor Pet Shower – For pet owners who don’t want to skip giving your furry loved ones baths but also don’t want all of that fur to go down your drains causing serious plumbing issues, you might consider investing in an outdoor pet shower.  When the weather is warm enough, this can be the perfect solution to keeping your pipes clear and clog-free. Of course, we understand that not everyone has a few hundred dollars laying around to throw at the installation of a pet shower.  But, a kiddie pool can do just as well. And, as we enter into the colder months, when you have no choice but to bathe your pet indoors, there is a way to do so in your bath without the drain clogging up. Simply lay a washcloth over the drain before you pull the plug after bath time.  Sure, the water will take longer to drain, but it will trap all of the fur in the washcloth so that all you have to do is dump it in the trash.
  • Hair Brush – So, this revolutionary object isn’t exactly something that you’re going to use as a drain stopper in the shower, but it will certainly do the trick!  By brushing your hair just before hoping in the shower, you can do your shower drain wonders by preventing hair from going down it in the first place. While washing, you’re sure to still lose some hair, it’s only natural.  But, by brushing first, you end up putting a lot more hair in the trash can than down the drain.
  • Shower Caddy – Hair and fur aren’t the only things that cause shower drains to clog.  Bits of soap are also another major culprit. So, to help prevent solid pieces from ending up down the drain and sticking to your pipe walls, simply install a shower caddy to hold your soap.  It can be as simple as a small tray or as extravagant as something that holds all of your shower goodies, including shampoos, face cleansers, razors, shaving cream and more.

The prevention of plumbing issues is all about being proactive.  And, while you’re sure to encounter a clogged drain at some point, even despite your best efforts, these gadgets can greatly reduce your risk.  In the event that your drains do become clogged, you should first attempt to unclog them yourself. But, if that doesn’t work, you can always give our team at Tritan Plumbing a call.  We’ll work to get your plumbing clog-free in no time!


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