Is Hydro Jetting Really Safe for Your Pipes?

Water Draining

Every homeowner and business owner will experience drain clog problems at some point.  Over time, materials can build up and get stuck in your drains and pipes, even your main sewer lines can get clogged due to tree root intrusion, which all result in overflows and slow drainage.  And, sometimes, a plunger or even drain snake just isn’t enough to move the clog. The job requires something a little more powerful.

For these tough clogs, plumbers use hydro jetting to clear the pipes.  Hydro jetting is known as one of the most safe, thorough, and effective ways to clean out stubborn pipe blockages.  This method uses a hose to blast continuous high pressure water through your pipes to clear blockages, cleaning the entire diameter of the pipe.  It’s superior to other methods that merely punch a hole in the blockage leaving debris behind. Hydro jetting  thoroughly cleans the entire inside of a pipe, eliminating debris.

High pressure hydro jetting  accomplishes two main objectives, including the breakup and flushing of any deposits blocking your sewer line flow, and pressure washing the entire interior walls of the sewer line.  In addition, you get the following major benefits:

  • Cleaning & Unclogging – Over time, your pipes build up deposits from grease, fats, soap, detergents, silt, dirt, minerals and all kinds of other sludge that can lead to clogs.  And often, a drain snake just doesn’t have the power to punch a hole big enough to unclog or restore water flow. So, it doesn’t address the ongoing issues that will inevitably result in more clogs down the road.  Fortunately, Hydro-Jetting has the power to not only unclog your pipes but clean them as well for a more long-lasting resolution.
  • Consistent Cleaning – With Hydro-Jetting you get accurate and consistent cleaning.  This method has the ability to clear underground pipes without the need to dig up your yard.  The high-pressure water goes straight into your pipes, clears, and cleans your entire system by spinning water and sand from multiple angles for a total cleaning.  
  • No Residuals – Hydro jetting  powerfully and efficiently cleans your pipes for total residual removal.  Other cleaning methods simply don’t have the power to do this. The jets, however, can penetrate deeper into built-up debris, flushing out roots, minerals, rocks, and any other obstruction clogging the flow of water.  
  • Bacteria Removal – The stream of water from hydro jetting  is so powerful that it can even remove bacteria that has settled in your drains from your bathroom and kitchen, which if left in your pipes, can cause all kinds of tricky problems.  For instance, if you’re noticing fouls smells coming from your drains, hydro jetting can fix this problem for you and leave your drain pipes clean and fresh.
  • Economical & Safe Solution – Of all pipe cleaning and clearing alternatives, Hydro-Jetting is the most economic and environmentally friendly solution.  Just one pipe cleaning using this system can significantly delay any clearing needs in the future by up to four times longer than typical snake procedures, thus reducing your sewer service expenses in the long run.  With Hydro-Jetting, the system is so thorough that it can keep your pipes clean and unclogged for several years, whereas traditional drain cleaning methods often need to be done twice each year. This method also doesn’t require the use of harmful or even dangerous chemicals that other methods may use to remove clogs.  Hydro jetting is completely safe, not only for your pipes, but for the environment.

Is Hydro Jetting Safe?

Hydro jetting is a safe and efficient alternative to traditional pipe cleaning and unclogging methods.  The results are absolutely unparalleled! So, if you’re experiencing the hassles of constantly clogged pipes, give our team a call, and ask us about our hydro jetting services.         


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