What Is a Water Pressure Pump?

Do you have low water pressure in your home?  Do you have low water pressure even though your home has new pipes?  Well, this could be due to a number of possible causes. But, if nothing you try seems to solve your pressure problem, it’s time to consider installing a water pressure pump.  

Most often, we, as professionals, find that poor water pressure is caused by clogged pipes.  To confirm whether or not this is your problem, there are a few things that you must check. If you have newer pipes, start by checking the most obvious route causes first.  For example, make sure the shutoff valves near your water meter are fully open. Sometimes the problem is just as simple as your valves only being partially open. Once fully open, check your water pressure.  If your home runs on city water, you can check your home’s pressure by calling your local water department to schedule a pressure reading. Ideally, you want a reading of 45 – 55 psi.

If you don’t want to wait for someone from the department to come out, test the water pressure yourself with a pressure gauge.  To do this, simply hook up the gauge to a water spigot outside of your home, then turn on the water. You’ll get an instant reading.  If your reading is low, then the issue is likely with the city lines and not your pipes. They are delivering water at a low pressure.  

Now, it’s unlikely that the city will be able to boost their water pressure output.  So, what can you do? Fortunately, the answer is fairly simple – install a water pressure pump.  And, lucky for you, this is something that our team can help you with!

A water pressure pump is basically a pressure booster.  It’s used to increase the pressure of the water coming into your home.  Low water pressure can come from the city supply or it can happen to those who are tapped into a well, but you can easily fix this problem by installing a pressure pump.  These pumps can instantly and easily increase the water pressure coming out of all of your faucets and appliances.

How Does a Water Pressure Pump Work?

A water pressure pump works very simply with a closed expansion tank.  It essentially has a pressurized bladder. So, when the pump pulls water into the tank, it pulls it into the side of the bladder. This then compresses the air in the bladder making the water more pressurized.

To activate the system, booster pumps are either operated manually or by an on-demand system.  For a manual system, you simply turn a switch when you want to increase water pressure throughout your home.  For an on-demand system, on the other hand, the pump monitors the water system and turns on when there is an increased need for more water.  The on-demand system is more convenient; however, it does come with a larger price tag.

Each component of a water pressure pump system is specifically designed to work as a single, harmonious unit.  They are affordable, easy to install and provide quick results. So, if the water pressure in your home isn’t up to your needs or standards, it may be time to give your system a little boost.  Give us a call today at 815-515-4062 to learn more! 


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