How to Keep Your Septic Tank in Top Shape

Plumber Performing Septic Services

Septic tanks are unfortunately one of those things that most people forget about…that is until it’s too late and they start to malfunction. When this happens, they quickly become the center of attention (and panic!). 

In our line of work, we have seen it all.  That’s why we want to help prevent you from making some all-too-common mistakes when it comes to the care and maintenance of your septic tank.  If you take care of them properly and listen to your trusted professionals, your septic tank should remain in the clear.  Here’s what you should know:  

  1. The number one thing to remember when it comes to dealing with your septic tank is that no septic problem gets better with time.  Be smart; don’t delay any regular upkeep, and perform routine maintenance when it comes to your septic tank.  So, if you’re beginning to get that feeling that everything might not be quite up to par with your septic tank, and you need a professional, call your trusted plumber as soon as possible! 
  2. Regularly inspect your septic tank.  We recommend at least once a year. Septic tanks should never be out of sight and out of mind.  Routine inspections will ensure that any problem or issue doesn’t get out-of-hand so that you continue to have the peace of mind knowing that everything is in top working order.
  3. How often you should get your septic tank pumped is going to depend on many variables. As a rule-of-thumb, we recommend the following:  A 3-bedroom house with 1 – 2 people should be pumped every 1 to 3 years.  A 4-bedroom house with 3 – 4 people should be pumped every 2 years.  A 5-bedroom house with 4 or more people should be pumped once a year.  Another thing that will play into how often your system needs to be bumped is the use of a garbage disposal.  If your household is using a garbage disposal instead of the trash, you are dumping 50% more solid waste down the drain (which increases the potential and risk for septic tank issues).
  4. One mistake many people make is that they direct outdoor drainage systems to their septic tank.  You do not want to do this.  You should never dump drains into your septic tank.  You want as little water as possible in them.  If you are worried about soil erosion in your drain field, plant grass.  It will help with soil erosion.  You should always keep trees at least 100 feet away from your septic tank.
  5. Do not treat your toilet as a garbage can.  The more you put down your septic system, the more often you will have to get it pumped.  Everything single thing that you put down it will end up in your septic tank, so something goes down that is not compatible with your system, you could be looking at a very costly mistake.

By simply following these 5 easy tips, you will sleep easier at night knowing that you won’t be waking up to a messy disaster.  So, be smart when it comes to the maintenance of your septic tank, and prevent potential issues before they ever happen.  


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