Why You Need Well Water Filtration

For many homeowners, having a private well is a great option.  It’s free, accessible, reliable and rich in essential minerals.  Of course, having a well on your property also means that you have a few more responsibilities to tend to when it comes to maintaining your home’s systems.  One of those key responsibilities that homeowners must remember to consider before digging a new well is that you have to make sure that your well water is properly filtered.  And, yes – it is essential!

If your home uses well water, you must have a well water filtration system installed.  These systems are key to removing mineral deposits that are naturally in the water that can cause things like hard water, slower flow and more.  So, let’s take a look at how this filtration works to give you clean, safe water:

  • Chlorination – Before you start using well water, it needs to be tested by a professional plumber for chlorination needs.  A filtration system adds chlorine to the water which is essential in helping to kill bacteria and clean out any other impurities.  For instance, chlorine removes all organic materials and particles as well as soluble metals. So, when your well uses a filtration system, chlorine circulates to disinfect your drinking water, remove oxidizing agents and rid it of those sometimes-questionable odors.   
  • pH Levels – When your well’s water is tested, a professional will look at the pH levels to find out how acidic your water is.  Your water’s pH levels measure the amount of potential hydrogen that it contains. Once you have this information, you can neutralize the acidity to ensure that it’s absolutely safe and non-corrosive.  It is for this reason that you should look at well water filtration systems that have pH neutralizers. If your water is left with higher acidic levels, this leads to hard water, which not only dries out skin and hair, it leaves unsightly residue on surfaces and fixtures, not to mention it tastes bad.    
  • Heavy Metal Filters – A well water filtration system also uses heavy metal filters.  It rids your water of things like iron, which can damage almost anything that it comes into contact with.  For instance, iron leaves stains, and it leaves that horrible rotten egg smell filling your home. Fortunately, a filtration system works to significantly remove these metallic impurities so that your water stays clean and fresh.

Well water filtration systems are absolutely essential in creating fresh, clean water for your home and your loved ones.  Not only will it protect your home and expensive appliances from stains and corrosion, it will keep everyone healthy, drinking and using purified water leaving you with peace of mind.  

So, if you have a new well for your home and need it tested and properly assessed for a water filtration system, give us, your trusty plumbers at Tritan, a call.  We’re happy to come out and walk you through the process. After all, keeping you, your family and your home safe is our priority.


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