8 Things You Should Always Have in Your Emergency Plumbing Kit

Two Wrenches Tightening a Pipe

Major plumbing issues should always be left to the professionals.  But, for those times when you discover a problem that requires immediate attention, what do you do while you’re waiting?  Sure, a plumber is on their way, but you can’t simply call them, and do nothing while you wait for them to arrive to correct the problem.  After all, if a pipe has burst or your septic system has backed up, you’re facing a pretty significant mess!

As a homeowner, you should at have a basic plumbing emergency kit on-hand to at least attempt to keep any damage or mess to a minimum while you wait for a professional to arrive.  No matter how old or new your plumbing may be, an overflowing toilet or any other plumbing emergency can happen to anyone at any time.  So, do yourself and your home a favor, and be prepared.  Here are a few things your emergency kit should include that will absolutely prove useful:

  • 5 Gallon Bucket – It’s a great idea to keep a bucket under your sink at all times.  This bucket can catch any drips or leaks from your pipes that you may not be aware of.  Having a five-gallon bucket at arms-length is also good for cleaning up messes should a plumbing emergency occur, like your toilet overflowing.
  • Gloves – Most plumbing jobs tend to be messy.  Fortunately, disposable or rubber gloves make dealing with a clogged toilet or sink much easier to face.  
  • Rags – Most plumbing emergencies involve a leak or a spill.  So, be sure to keep some rags in your emergency kit to help you quickly and easily clean up any messes.
  • Flashlight – Most of your plumbing is going to be in a dark place, so have a flashlight or headlamp on-hand.  This will help you see the work you’re doing easier.
  • Plunger – Each toilet in your home should have a plunger next to it.  And, don’t forget to have a separate smaller plunger for your kitchen sink, as those back up too.   
  • Allen Keys – These are great for when you have to remove handles or faucets.  Most plumbing fixtures use Allen screws to hold them in place, so having Allen keys on-hand is an absolute must.
  • Adjustable Wrench – You’ll need this tool when working on compression fittings, supply lines and loose nuts among many other things.  
  • Duct Tape – This is a great temporary fix to a small leak.  If you’re faced with a leak that you can’t fix, and you can’t get a plumber out right away, duct tape will solve the problem until a professional arrives.

You can also use these tools in your kit to fix minor plumbing problems such as a clogged drain or small leak on your own.  But, if you feel that you have an issue that you can’t handle or simply don’t feel confident enough to take on, call a professional to prevent further damage to your property.  And, whatever you do, never attempt to perform potentially dangerous repairs on your own.

If you’re ever faced with an emergency plumbing situation, no matter what time of day or night, call our emergency plumbing service experts.  Someone from our team will be right out to get your home back in safe, working order.  


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