Should You Repair or Replace Your Malfunctioning Toilet?

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When it comes to toilets, let’s face it, people don’t stop to think about them too often.  That is, until they start to malfunction, which can become a nightmare fast!  More often than not, though, the issue requires a simple, do-it-yourself fix or a quick drop-in from your trusty plumber.  But, what about those times when the problem is more serious?  How do you know when you should attempt a repair or throw the towel in and replace your toilet altogether?

Sometimes the signs are obvious.  For example, if your toilet is continuously giving you problems and requires regular maintenance, it’s time to have it replaced, as these frequent repairs can become costly, fast.  That one’s a no-brainer.  

Other times, it may take some effort to determine when your toilet should be replaced.  That’s why we’ve compiled a few warning signs that we suggest you keep an eye out for if you’re unsure as to whether or not your toilet requires repairs or a swift, clean death.  These are the most common warning signs that it’s time to replace:    

  • Your toilet requires frequent repairs:  If you find yourself running to the hardware store far too often for toilet repair parts, it’s time to replace your malfunctioning toilet.  Sure, the repairs may seem little at the time – a flapper ball and fill valve here, a new handle and chain there – but these little repairs add up over time costing you way more than it may be worth in the long-run.  Don’t waste any more of your valuable time, and start comparing the cost of regular repairs to that of a new toilet, especially if you’re having any of the other problems we’re going to touch on, below.  Yes, a replacement will cost you more initially, but, again, it will save you money over the course of time.  
  • Your toilet bowl or tank is cracked:  Cracks of any kind are never a good thing when it comes to plumbing.  Over time, toilets can develop hairline cracks in the porcelain that can turn into terrible, leaky messes.  Obviously, no one wants this to happen!  We suggest you regularly check your toilet bowl and tank, say, every time you clean it.  If you notice any cracks at all, the smartest thing to do is replace the unit before you have a more serious issue on your hands.      
  • Your toilet regularly gets clogged:  We all know just how fun a clogged, overflowing toilet can be.  It’s a real, nasty pain, and if you’re pulling out your plunger every week, you have a big problem on your hands.  Some older toilets are low-flow and have to be flushed a couple of times to work, and these, in particular, tend to clog more easily for no apparent reason.  This can be very frustrating and a sure sign that it’s time to replace your dated toilet with a more efficient model.
  • Your toilet uses too much water:  Sometimes, the decision to replace simply comes down to the numbers – how much is your water bill?  Toilets can use a lot of water, especially if you have a large family, and that water use can really add up.  But, by choosing to replace your old toilet, which likely uses three to five gallons of water per flush, with a new, low-flush model that only uses two gallons, you will see major savings.  The replacement quickly pays for itself!   

Now that you know the most common warning signs to look out for, making the decision to keep repairing or to finally replace should seem much more obvious.  No one should waste time or money on a regularly malfunctioning toilet.  So, don’t let yourself get stuck in an endless circle of disrepair.  Of course, if you have any questions or concerns about replacing your toilet, give us a call, and someone from our team will be happy to assist you.  


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