Plumbing Upgrades That Will Make Your Bathroom Feel More Luxurious

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Bathrooms are an important part of any home, and having an upscale bathroom can make the rest of your home feel nice, as well. Taking the time and spending the money to completely remodel your bathroom is a dream for most people, but what if we told you that simple bathroom plumbing enhancements could work wonders to make your bathroom feel more luxurious. Below are the top five plumbing upgrades that you can make to your bathroom to give it a luxurious feel. There are other improvements that you can make to the space as well to really enhance its appeal, but these enhancements are a good first step, and you’ll love every one of them.

A Rain Shower Head

Rain showers offer excellent full coverage while bathing, so your whole body can be warm and get clean all at once. A good sized rain shower head feels like pure luxury in the bathroom and is one of the best upgrades that you can make for the money. You don’t have to spend much money to get a high quality rain shower head, just make sure your bathroom has the water pressure to do this fixture justice, or you’ll be spending money for no reason.

Double Sinks

Tired of fighting with your spouse for the sink? Double sinks are an excellent answer to the problem and they make getting ready more convenient. You can both brush your teeth at once, and you’ll love the look of your bathroom with them installed. Double sinks are modern and fashionable and a good move for a bathroom with the right footprint.

Jetted Tub

Soaking in a nice deep tub with hot water is a real pleasure, but things get even better when that tub is filled with jets. Enjoy your own personal hot tub bathing experience in your home and you’ll want to take baths all the time. A jetted tub is an affordable upgrade and an excellent plumbing enhancement to make to your bathroom.

Decorative Faucets

A standard faucet functions just as well as an upscale model, so many homeowners don’t bother upgrading to a nicer one. Opting for a high class faucet not only dresses up your bathroom, but it helps tie in other upscale enhancements to the bathroom to give it a luxurious look and feel overall. So many designs and options how do you decide? Replacing a faucet is an easy upgrade and choosing the best model for the room is crucial. 

A Walk-in Shower

A classy walk in shower combines beautiful tile work, a large open shower environment and top notch jets and other cool features together to create an optimal bathing experience. It’s hard not to get excited about a walk in shower, and it’s just the thing to add to your bathroom when you want to take things to the next level.

Bathroom upgrades are often expensive, but bathrooms are one of the most-used areas of a home, and they are worth splurging on a bit. An upscale bathroom can make the rest of your home look nice as well, and each of the items up above is a good solid investment if it’s something that you care about in your bathroom. So many dos and don’ts when remodeling your bathroom but with the correct education and a well thought out plan, it can be seamless. 

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