3 Major Consequences of Unresolved Plumbing Leaks

Caution Wet Floor Sign

When it comes to household plumbing, leaks come in a variety of forms. Sure, it’s easy to spot the obvious signs of plumbing issues that require immediate attention, like water stains, or worse, a flooded kitchen.  It’s the small problems, though, that are brushed aside and can lead to the most severe and costly consequences, including long-term property damage and even health issues.

You already know the signs to look for when it comes to spotting a leak, so pay close attention, and don’t let those signs go unchecked. Trust us – you don’t want to experience the consequences! So, let’s take a closer look at three major consequences of unresolved plumbing leaks that we hope you never have to experience.

Increased Water Bill

The most obvious consequence of a plumbing leak left unchecked is an increased water bill that, unfortunately, you won’t even see coming.  Higher water bills are often caused by leaks, and, more often than not, by easy-to-spot leaks like running water from your toilet.  In fact, a running or leaking toilet can waste up to 200 gallons of water a day!  Not only is this extra money out of your pocket, it is also an incredible waste of resources.  So, don’t ignore those noticeable signs!   

Structural Damage

From kitchen cabinets to the very foundation of your home, unresolved plumbing leaks can lead to major structural consequences.  Whether faced with cracked pipes, damaged sewer lines, leaking water heaters or corroded pipes and faucets, structural damage can be even more costly than those health hazards most often associated with leaks such as mold growth.  There is the obvious aesthetic damage, like streaks, stains and discoloration, yes, but you must also consider damages that can compromise the structural integrity of your home like drywall warping, swelling and breaking.  Severe leaks can even affect other materials, like support beams, that can lead to dangerous conditions and total destruction.           

Unwanted Pests

Though a consequence not often at the forefront of most minds, leaks and water damage can lead to the gathering of unwanted pests and infestations.  That’s right!  Insects are drawn to areas that collect water and moisture.  Just like any other animal on the planet, insects need water to survive, and if they can’t find it outside, they’ll move inside.  All it takes is an inch of collected water for insects like mosquitos to lay their eggs, or for ants to lay claim to a new water source, or worse – for termites to more easily chew through moistened wood!  The only way to stop these infestations is to stop leaks and treat the affected areas appropriately and immediately.  

If you ever start to notice signs of a leak, don’t wait to investigate!  Even a small leak can lead to catastrophic stresses and consequences, and remember: if you’re unable to assess the damage yourself, give your trusted Tritan plumbers a call for an inspection before things get too far out of control. 


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