Answering Your Most Frequently Asked Plumbing Questions

Each and every day, our clients ask us all sorts of plumbing questions. From questions with simple answers that we can advise DIY solutions to questions that require a bit more attention and professional, in-home assistance, we’ve heard them all. No question is too small, as we believe that knowledge is power and can save you both time and money, which, let’s face it, will ultimately save you unnecessary stress and hassle in the long-run. That’s why we’re addressing your most frequently asked questions, with the hope that you will feel more confident in your overall understanding of some of your plumbing systems while easing some of those concerns.  

Let’s take a look:

How Can I Prolong the Life of My Plumbing Systems?

When it comes to maintaining your overall plumbing system (including your fixtures, faucets, water heaters, etc.), one of the best ways to prolong their lifespan is to use water softeners or water conditioners.  This is something particularly important in our region, as Chicagoland is known for its hard water.  Things like water softeners are designed to stop that scale buildup that comes with hard water and will to protect your pipes, fixtures and other appliances.  

How Can I Prevent My Pipes From Leaking?

Catching and stopping leaks is all about taking preventive measures.  Take the time to regularly inspect your pipes.  Check for things like rust or lime deposit buildup.  These are signs that indicate leaking areas.  As soon as you start to notice this, it’s best to call in your trusted plumber to correct the problem.  If left uncared for, you could be facing much bigger problems down the road.  With the occasional glance over your pipes, you can easily prevent them from leaking to the point that they start to cause serious damage to your property, but if you’re still unsure, ask us about scheduling a camera inspection.  

Why Is My Toilet Running?

While not necessarily a major issue, running toilets are much more than an annoyance; they’re a huge waste of water and money.  Running or leaking toilets have been estimated to cost an additional $100 per year on your water bill – that is a lot of money that is being lost unnecessarily through your bathroom plumbing.  Fortunately, there’s usually a very simple solution.  If your toilet continues to run after being flushed, it’s a likely indication that some part of the tank mechanism is out of place or needs to be replaced.

Why Is My Faucet Dripping?

A dripping faucet also has a relatively simple solution.  It could mean a number of different things.  For example, perhaps you’ve been turning your faucets on and off too forcefully.  But the leaking water is usually an indication that there has been some damage to the internal mechanisms and needs to be touched-up or replaced.  Fortunately, it’s an easy and inexpensive fix that your trusted plumber can help you with.  

Why Is My Drain Clogged?

Drains often get clogged simply because we’re not always as careful as we should be about what we put in them. This is especially true in the kitchen, where it is thought that you can just throw anything down a garbage disposal.  However, this is not the case.  You should always avoid putting hard materials (like bones, fibrous materials, coffee grounds, etc.) down your drain.  This will not only clog up your drain but will wear down your disposal’s blades.  

In other places, like the bathroom, you’re likely to find clogged drains due to things like oil and soap residue build-up as well as the dreaded ball of lost hair.  To avoid these issues, we recommend regular cleanings and more awareness of what you’re actually putting down your drains.

If you find that you’re experiencing recurrent clogging, though, ask us about our sewer and drain services. There may be an issue outside of the home, such as a tree root or other obstruction.

My Water Heater Is Leaking. What Should I Do?

If your water heater is leaking, you will need to call your plumber immediately.  Unfortunately, there is no easy or good repair for this problem, as you are likely facing the purchase of a new water heater.  But, it is something that must be done in order to avoid the more serious issues and damage that these leaks can cause.  

While these are just some of the more common questions that we’re asked, know that Tritan Plumbing is here for you, no matter your question or concern.  Whether you give us a call, submit a request through our website or need an in-person visit, we’ll make sure that all of your plumbing needs are addressed and met so that you can get on with your life, stress-free. So, get in touch with Chicagoland’s most trusted plumbing service today!


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