If you’ve noticed water pooling on the floor around your toilet, it’s definitely not a sign you should ignore. If you’ve been wondering why your toilet is leaking at the base, give us a call right away. We offer a quick response time, fair billing, and the gold standard of customer service.

Why Is My Toilet Leaking at the Base?

At the bottom of your toilet, you will notice plastic caps, which cover the bolts that hold your toilet down. If those feel loose, they are likely the cause of your issue. If they don’t feel loose, you may need to go ahead and replace the wax ring inside. The wax ring is exactly what it sounds like, and it serves as a soft seal inside of the toilet, meant to prevent leaks like the one you are experiencing. Over time, wax rings can become damaged and degraded. When that happens, they need to be replaced.

Why Is a Toilet Leak Such a Big Problem?

A leaking toilet presents a wide range of potential issues. Like any water leak, of course, it can lead to the development of mold in the floors and other structures that become wet. Over time, this mold can spread, and it can actually become quite a far-reaching issue.

Another common consequence of a leaking toilet is a high water bill. We often hear from customers who say their water bill has skyrocketed, and they can’t find the cause. So, if we’re able to rule out all other types of leaks, we turn to the bathrooms for our answers. It’s surprising how high a bill can go just from one simple leak.

At Tritan Plumbing, we are committed to keeping your home’s systems running at peak performance. Whether your plumbing issues are due to a toilet leaking, broken pipe, or something else, we are the team to call. We get the job done right the first time, and we do it for a fair and affordable price.

Don’t waste your time and money trying to do it yourself. Give us a call instead, and we’ll get your plumbing repaired in no time!