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August 2016

Plumbing for Thousands

By |2017-05-09T22:21:00+00:00August 31st, 2016|Blog|

Thousands of fans watch the Chicago Bears game at Soldier Field. Installing faucets, managing water pressure, clearing out drains, and keeping your water heater running smoothly and efficiently are all important tasks for managing just one household. Have you ever thought about undertaking those responsibilities for an entire stadium? With College Football starting [...]

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How Toilets Are Made?

By |2017-05-09T22:21:00+00:00August 23rd, 2016|Blog|

The toilet may seem like a simple contraption, but the science and physics behind how they work are much more complex. Check out this amazing video which walks viewers through the many intricate steps involved on the journey to craft your porcelain throne. Tritan Plumbing is committed to offering friendly and professional plumbing services in your neighborhood! We [...]

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The History of Plumbing

By |2017-05-09T22:21:00+00:00August 22nd, 2016|Blog|

Are you prepared for the cinematic thrill of your life? Are you prepared to marvel at the glitz and glamour of hundreds of years of plumbing history? No? Well, here's a documentary on the history of plumbing. Tritan Plumbing is dedicated to providing friendly and affordable plumbing services in your neighborhood! We provide 24/7 emergency [...]

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3 Major Plumbing Hazards!

By |2017-05-09T22:21:00+00:00August 19th, 2016|Blog|

To some, plumbing may seem as simple as knowing where to turn a wrench. The grim reality is that, like any job, plumbing has its dangers. We admire those who have the self-discipline to take the DIY approach. However, if you think you may be at risk for encountering these three major plumbing hazards, you [...]

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How Toilets Work

By |2017-05-09T22:21:00+00:00August 12th, 2016|Blog|

Ladies and gentlemen, please secure your thinking caps firmly onto your skulls. We've got a bumpy road ahead of us. We, Tritan Plumbing, are going to try to explain to you, our loyal readers, how exactly a toilet works. Now, it's perfectly understandable if you just want to believe in the magic of the shiny porcelain [...]

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Don’t Make These Rookie Plumbing Mistakes!

By |2017-05-09T22:21:00+00:00August 9th, 2016|Blog|

Everyone's guilty of making a few rookie plumbing mistakes from time to time. Everyone except Tritan Plumbing, of course. If you're looking to pull off a little DIY plumbing maintenance, more power to ya! But, be careful! Tiny plumbing mistakes can lead to hundreds (often even thousands) of dollars lost to leaks, blockages, or structural [...]

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