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November 2015

Plumbing Tips for Thanksgiving

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Tritan Plumbing is a family owned and operated business; trust us, we understand the importance of Thanksgiving. We’re so excited to have a day full of food and festivities with our family. The holiday season can get pretty busy and we want your kitchen to be prepared for the activities ahead. Here are a few [...]

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Clogged or Slow Pipes?

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High pressure water jetting keeps your drain systems flowing at their best. It clears out all that grease, hair, soils, fats, roots, ice buildup, descaling, or anything else that’s making your water flow weak. Cable equipment is effective at simply removing a clog. The plumber’s snake, on the other hand, just punches a hole through [...]

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Winterizing your Water System

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With winter just around the corner, don’t forget about your water system! Freezing water inside your pipes can expand and cause a whole lot of plumbing issues. To avoid the headache, here are some winterizing tips from plumbing experts: Be sure to unattatch garden hoses and store them elsewhere. Turn off and drain sprinkler systems. [...]

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